Watercolor for cardmakers. Day 10.

I'm learning to watercolour on onlinecardclasses.com.
it is so interesting and the teachers are amazing. :-)
Today's class has been watercolouring free hand.
For some strange reason this inspired me to actually do some colouring. I can't draw a straight line without a ruler.
 Here is my flower which is called "Guckusko" in swedish. It's an orchid that grows here in southern Lapland, Sweden.
I haven't turned into a card yet. But I am rather pleased with the result so I wanted to show it to anyone who happens to swing by.
This is before I address some blue to the background.
And here I have added the blue.
I have used the Distress markers to colour my flower.
Sorry about the not very good images.
I hope you understand my english. To my defence I must tell you that I have not written in english in many, many years.
Please leave a comment if you visit.

Postat av: Jen Rzasa

So lovely!

2014-05-15 @ 21:53:57
Postat av: Rita

Your flower is beautiful!

2014-05-15 @ 23:13:36
Postat av: Rita

I love your card.......the flower is beautiful!

2014-05-15 @ 23:15:09

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