Watercolouring for cardmakers day 2

I was truly happy when I found this masking fluid in the shape of a marker.
Finally I could try one of the techniques I had seen in class at onlinecardclasses.com.
Once again I have not had the time to make a card of it.
I really likes the technique so it isn't the last time i have tried it. :)
One other thing I learned with this technique was how to use my watercolour crayons. 
I put a little water on my working area and then rubbed my crayon in the water until I had the intensity of the colour that I wanted. I heard one of the teachers say that watercolour dries lighter, but I had forgotten that obviously when I tried this trechnique.
I wish you all a great day!

Watercolouring for cardmakers day 2 and 5.

I'm back with a finished card! 
The stamped image is a Magnolia stamp, Student Tilda.
Graduating Tilda in english.
I have coloured her with my Distress Markers and the pink background paper I made with my watercolour pencils.
I usually make my cards 6*6 inches, so is this card.
I hope you like it and do leave a comment before you go.
I must approve your comments before they show in my blog, so don't give up. :)
Thanks for stoppning by!

Watercolor for cardmakers. Day 10.

I'm learning to watercolour on onlinecardclasses.com.
it is so interesting and the teachers are amazing. :-)
Today's class has been watercolouring free hand.
For some strange reason this inspired me to actually do some colouring. I can't draw a straight line without a ruler.
 Here is my flower which is called "Guckusko" in swedish. It's an orchid that grows here in southern Lapland, Sweden.
I haven't turned into a card yet. But I am rather pleased with the result so I wanted to show it to anyone who happens to swing by.
This is before I address some blue to the background.
And here I have added the blue.
I have used the Distress markers to colour my flower.
Sorry about the not very good images.
I hope you understand my english. To my defence I must tell you that I have not written in english in many, many years.
Please leave a comment if you visit.

Släktträd på mitt sätt.

En gammal ek, än så länge utan löv men det kommer. :)

Tanken är nu att mina morföräldrar är stammen.
Nästa led blir min mor och hennes syskon.
Sen kommer jag, mina syskon och kusiner.
Nästa steg blir våra barn och efter dem kommer deras barn.
Sen tror jag inte att det kommit längre men jag kan ha fel!

Tavlan har jag faktiskt målat själv, resten tänker jag få hjälp med av mor, moster och två kusiner i slutet av månaden. Najs eller hur?

Lev väl!

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