Watercolouring for cardmakers day 2

I was truly happy when I found this masking fluid in the shape of a marker.
Finally I could try one of the techniques I had seen in class at onlinecardclasses.com.
Once again I have not had the time to make a card of it.
I really likes the technique so it isn't the last time i have tried it. :)
One other thing I learned with this technique was how to use my watercolour crayons. 
I put a little water on my working area and then rubbed my crayon in the water until I had the intensity of the colour that I wanted. I heard one of the teachers say that watercolour dries lighter, but I had forgotten that obviously when I tried this trechnique.
I wish you all a great day!

Postat av: Cassandra

I like the colours in the background. I don't think it is too dark.:)

2014-05-19 @ 05:24:03
URL: http://scrapsavvycreations.blogspot.ca
Postat av: Cassandra

I like your colour background. I don't think it is too dark.:)

2014-05-19 @ 05:27:39
URL: http://scrapsavvycreations.blogspot.ca

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