Day 2 on Online cardclasses IT.

Today the first video looked easy, but I really struggled with this technique.
Finally after lots of trials and ever more errors I found that an cheap brush and my cheap paper worked best for me.
I really loved the  cornflowers, infact I had them in my bridalbouquet.
Thank you so much Yana for teaching me how to paint cornflowers!
Am I the only one who thought of painting them in red and call them carnations? ;) :)
Next we had Kristina's watercolouring.
I decided to use my favourite colours blue and green.
I will make a card out of it but right now I am too busy painting. 😊
Then we have Jennifer R .....
Her rose were absolutely stunning, mine... Not so good. 😕
But then I tried a second time and I liked that one better.
Here is no 1.
And here is the second one.
Last but not least we have the funny Laura Bassen. I love her!
She makes me laugh out loud every time. 
Here is my take on her idea. 
Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment before you move on.

Postat av: Robin in WA


2016-02-05 @ 00:36:03

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