Class at Altenew Academy Beautiful Details.

I am taking a class at Altenew Academy taught by the talented Marika Rahtu from Finland.
You must go to her blogg and see the amazing cards she creates. You can find her blogg here.
I have made this card from the first attempt on beautiful details.
I hope you like it. 😊
Thanks for stoping by, and every comment is much appriciated.

Ett lite kärleks kort.

På onsdagarna träffas ett glatt gäng tjejer och pysslar av hjärtans lust.
I slutet av januari lekte vi med Distress stains.
Jag tyckte det var hur kul som helst när jag testade lite hemma innan onsdagen.
Resultatet blev ett kort. 
Lev väl!
 Lämna gärna ett avtryck innan du surfar vidare.

Day 3 at OCCWCIT.

This is what I came up with.
Wplus9 stamps the only ones I could use for this technique.
It was great fun but far from perfect.

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Day 6 of OCCWC IT.

This is my take on Swarup Murthy's lovely flowers.
This is the only one of the techniques I have had the time to try today - yet! The night is still young. 😉😉
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These are the colours I use in class.

Please do not ask me their names.
I have no idea.
But I do know that none of them is the "right" colour in the supply list. 😊

Day 5 at OCC IT.

I know I missed a day or two.
But I don't own any outlined leaf stamps or light coloured markers. 😕😢
So I started painting flowers. So much fun! 
I am not very good at it, but I enjoy it and I have fun!
So here are my flowers of the day in the order I painted them.
Thanks for stopping by!
Please let me know what you think and link to your blog. 😊

Day 2 on Online cardclasses IT.

Today the first video looked easy, but I really struggled with this technique.
Finally after lots of trials and ever more errors I found that an cheap brush and my cheap paper worked best for me.
I really loved the  cornflowers, infact I had them in my bridalbouquet.
Thank you so much Yana for teaching me how to paint cornflowers!
Am I the only one who thought of painting them in red and call them carnations? ;) :)
Next we had Kristina's watercolouring.
I decided to use my favourite colours blue and green.
I will make a card out of it but right now I am too busy painting. 😊
Then we have Jennifer R .....
Her rose were absolutely stunning, mine... Not so good. 😕
But then I tried a second time and I liked that one better.
Here is no 1.
And here is the second one.
Last but not least we have the funny Laura Bassen. I love her!
She makes me laugh out loud every time. 
Here is my take on her idea. 
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Day 1 part 2.

In this part of day one I felt a little more confident. Basis shapes. What could go wrong?
ALOT! The first thing I did after drawing the pencil lines was putting my dirty finger on the paper. There it was - the great blue blobb. 😁😕
Well here it is....
Thanks for stopping by!
Comment are most welcome. 😊

Online cardclasses IT day 1.

I must confess I had serious doubts before class about my own ability to colour with watercolours.
Distress Inks or Distress Markers fine, there I am in my own eyes rather good at those mediums.
Real watercolours is a totallly diferent matter...
Well I have done my best and I am quite satisfied with the result.
Please let me know what you think and please leave a comment.
A small fun detail... 😉
Thanks for stopping by!

Dag 2 of Watercolouring for cardmakers EM.

I kind of pleased with this. It turned out better than I expected. 😊
I have used tube watercolours a new experience for me.
the paper warped so I am sorry if the picture is not very good.

Day 3 of Watercolouring for cardmakers EM. Part 2.

I bought my Gelatos in april this year. Since then I've been waiting for an opprortunity to use them. Time time has arrived!
I used the only background stamp I had sutible for this technique. A Tim Holtz background stamp I can't remember the name of now. 
I've made a simple card with it. The text says "You are amazing" in swedish.

Day 3 of Watercolouring for cardmakers.

Today I want to show you my owls again. Mostly because I couldn't find anorthern stamp I wanted.
This time I have used my Wink of Stella clear along with the Inktense pencils.
I thought it was alot of fun trying this technique. I will use it again that's for sure. 😀
Next is the freehand drawing and painting using the Inktense pencils once again. My sons both said: 
- Mom, what a lovely apple you have made. 
I sighed and told them it was an orange. So I guess I am not that good on freehand drawing....

Watercolour in tubes.

Jennifer Rzasa is a very talented lady, but she also inspires me to try new things.
She makes me step out of my comfort zone.
In class she made a card using a city skyline stamp. She told us to draw one ourselves if we didn't have a skyline stamp.
I chose one of my favourite cities in Europe, mind you that I have't been to many of them.
But in this great city I was in the early eighties. 
Let me present my version of the London skyline.
Grattis means Happy Bithday in swedish. And the shadow was intended and not a mistake. :)
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Thank you for stoping by!
// Erika

Day 2 of Watercolour for cardmakers: Exploring mediums

I really don't know what has happens to me, but I am creating again!
Today I have made cards from the painting I've been doing the last few days. And nights! 😉
First I want to show you my no-line watercoloured owls.
Next are my pumpkins painted with the same technique.
Please leave a comment if you drop by. 
// Erika

Online card classes again!

It's been a while since my last post but I haven't been so well for some time. But more about that in amother post.
This week I'm talking a class online and it is so fun!! 
I'm very pleased with how this turned out.
I have used the Distress Markers by Tim Holtz/Ranger.
This is my take on Jennifer McGuire's example.
I plan to try more tecniques during the week.
Please leave a comment if you drop by. 
Till er som inte är så bra på engelska ( där är även jag inräknad) så vill jag bara tala om att jag går en kurs på nätet i vattenfärger för kortmakare. Det är sååå kul! Detta är mitt första försök på dag 1. 
Lev väl!


Min profilbild


En 43-årig gift två (tre) barns mor med två söner som är verbala till max. Scrappare och kortmakare. Jag är otroligt stolt över våra barn fast ibland kan man nog undra när man läser i bloggen.....

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